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Is Sexdoll.Sex, legit? Are the torso dolls you sell genuine?

Yes, Sexdoll.Sex is a legitimate website and an authorized retailer selling only genuine sex dolls. All branded sex dolls available on Sexdoll.Sex are 100% authentic products from top sex doll factories.

Why should I purchase a sex doll via vendor instead of the manufacturer directly?

The vendor team has depth knowledge of various brands and can give overall consideration of both the needs of customers and manufacturers, so as to bring the best purchase experience. It is also easier to promote products and let more people know about different sex dolls of different brands and different functions of sex dolls.
Moreover, purchasing a doll through an authorized vendor can quickly carry out language communication to help solve various problems that customers may encounter in time, while manufacturers focus more on process research and production, and are not good at communicating with customers.

Ordering Sex Toys FAQ's

What is a sex doll torso?

Sex doll torso is a type of sex doll that is designed to mimic the upper body and pelvic area of a human. It typically includes the chest, breasts, waist, ass and genitalia. The sex torso is designed to simulate sexual intercourse and is made from medical-grade materials that closely mimic the feel of human skin, such as silicone or TPE.

Torso sex dolls are often sold separately from the full-body love dolls, making them a more affordable and convenient option for those who want a realistic experience without the expense and storage space required for a full-sized sex doll. They are also a popular choice for those who prefer a more compact and discreet sex toy that can be easily hidden away when not in use.

What is TPE and Silicone?

TPE and silicone are two of the most common materials used to make sex dolls, and they are both safe, comfortable, and lifelike.

TPE sex dolls are softer and more pliable. This can make them easier to position in different sexual positions. Also, they are easier to sculpt to create sexy and realistic dolls. They are typically less expensive than silicone dolls.

Silicone sex dolls are more durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are easier to clean and less likely to retain odors. Silicone dolls also tend to be more realistic in appearance and feel, as the material has a firmness that is similar to real human skin. They can be heated for longer.

Note: Oral sex function is only available on TPE heads and a few soft silicone heads.

What are the benefits of a sex doll torso?

Affordability: In general, torso love dolls tend to be less expensive than full-sized ones. If someone is on a budget or looking for a more affordable option, a torso love doll might be a suitable choice.

Portability: Our torso love dolls are more compact and lightweight than full-sized love dolls. They are easier to store and transport, making them ideal for individuals who have limited space or who need a more discreet option.

Discretion and Privacy: Due to their smaller size, torso sex dolls are easier to hide or store discreetly maintaining privacy for the individual.

Focused Experience: Torso sex dolls focus on specific body parts, such as the torso, breasts, and genital area. Some people may prefer this concentrated experience, especially if they are mainly interested in those areas.

How long will it take for my sex torso to arrive?

Typically, you may receive your package within 10-15 days from the date you place your order. In addition, a delay is likely to be much longer than usual during Chinese special holidays such as the Spring Festival, National Day, etc.

Most in-stock items arrive 3-5 days after your order is placed, while non-stock orders take 10-15 days to arrive.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes, we take your privacy very seriously, so there will be no labels on the box. Your torso dolls will arrive in a plain box with no identification of contents.

How to track my order?

Once the package is shipped, we will email you the tracking number. Please keep an eye on your order tracking in case there are any problems (e.g. suspended tracking, missing items, etc.) until the package is shipped.

Track your order as follow:
International Express –

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Is it safe to order from Sexdoll.Sex?

Absolutely safe. We use well known payment providers who encrypt your data when making an order. We do not store your credit/debit card details.

We follow data protection laws which means we keep your name, address and any other information you give us secure. We do not share any customer information.

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal Payment
Credit Card & Debit Card

How do i clean my torso dolls holes?

Cleaning her vagina, anus and mouth is a delicate process with several techniques to expose these areas for cleaning. This method we suggest below seems to be one of the easiest and most efficient techniques:

1. Coat a small swab sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap.
2. You can now use this sponge to clean the orifices. Insert the sponge using medical pincers into the orifice until is is clean.
3. You can dispose of this sponge and now repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
4. After two swabs, the orifices should be clean, allowing you insert a second dry sponge to remove any excess soap or moisture.
5. Once you have successfully dried the love doll, you can apply talcum powder to the exterior of the orifice.

What cleaning materials should i use?

There may be other products to use when cleaning your love doll. This is simply a list of some suggestions and tips for you to consider.

Antibacterial soap
Talcum powder (baby powder)
Light sponge
A second sponge cut up into smaller swabs
A non-abrasive drying cloth
Medical pincers
Strong paper towel

There are several techniques to consider when cleaning your love doll. The most efficient method is usually using your shower or bath tub. Depending on your confidence with lifting and positioning the doll, we recommend using a light sponge alongside antibacterial soap to gently wash your doll.

Please use light pressure when washing your doll. Preserving the skin is the most important part – so make sure you don’t get carried away while rubbing her body. If washing your love doll, it is important that the neck and head do not get too wet, or submerged under water, as this could cause rust build up in the neck screws.

What should you avoid when cleaning your love doll?

The correct cleaning and maintenance methods are essential, for your doll to live a long and healthy life. So far we have covered what do to, below are a list of things to avoid when cleaning.

Using any old cleaning agent: There are certain cleaning products that will have a negative reaction to TPE. Antibacterial soap is recommended. If you are unsure about a cleaning agent, please contact us before using it.

Keep away from sharp objects: TPE is a very delicate material, which can tear easily. When storing or cleaning the doll, keep away from anything sharp.

Keep the head above water: as there are sections on the dolls face which need to remain dry, the head must never be fully submerged underwater.

Dry with care: TPE sex dolls can easily tear when drying. As the TPE will be warmer than usual, please take extra care, as the material is more susceptible at this temperature. Only use a dry cloth for drying, remembering not to apply too much pressure.

It is very important that your doll dries naturally. Under no circumstances should any electric air dryer be used as this will damage the doll.

How to store sex doll torso?

There are a number of ways to store your sex doll. In order to keep your torso doll pristine, there is a set of criteria which you must adhere to:

Sunlight: Too much sunlight will cause ware and tear to the TPE, causing the TPE to degrade faster than usual.

Dust: The skin of your doll will easily collect dust stick to it. We recommend storing the doll in a storage bag or in the original product box as dust can be extremely difficult to remove.

Ink: If you are to store the doll in a storage bag, please be careful regarding the colours. As the doll will be in the storage bag for long periods of time, colors are likely to transfer from the bag if the wrong material is used.

Male masturbator, sex doll torso, full-size sex doll: which one is better?

What is a Male Masturbator?
A male masturbator is a product that enhances male masturbation. It’s a toy that heightens penile stimulation, and is an item whereby a man’s penis is inserted into a canal that, in a way, mimics the feeling of jerking off but in a way more intense fashion.

What Are the Pros of a Male Masturbator?
Easy to hide
Easier to clean
Cheaper than a sex doll

What Are the Cons of a Male Masturbator?
The sensation and stimulation is not as intense as with a sex doll
It’s not lifelike and has less of a ‘real-feel’
It’s not aesthetically pleasing

What is a Sex Doll Torso?
A sex doll torso is a life-like masturbator that merely gives the user access and visual aesthetics of a woman’s torso. For example, you would have a product of a woman’s neck, breasts, stomach, pussy, and often the base of her arms and legs.

What Are the Pros of a Sex Doll Torso?
It allows more pleasure than a male masturbator
It allows just as much pleasure as a full sex doll
It’s easier to hide, store, and clean than a full sex doll
It’s lighter than a full sex doll
It has a ‘real-feel’

What Are the Cons of a Sex Doll Torso?
It doesn’t give one the feeling of companionship
It doesn’t resemble the exact true appearance of a person, male or female

What is a Full Sex Doll?
A full sex doll has an entire body that contains a head, a torso, arms, and legs. These sex dolls are customised in an array of different designs, giving the user the ability to choose one that closely aligns with their personal taste. Oftentimes, these sex dolls have been modelled on actual people, such as porn stars.

What Are the Pros of a Sex Doll?
It mimics a like-life person
It has a ‘real-feel’
It can provide those with sexual anxieties with support, and can act as a companion

What Are the Cons of a Sex Doll?
It’s much more expensive than a male masturbator and a sex doll torso
It’s very big, making it difficult to hide, maintain, and clean
If not properly taken care of, has the capacity to mold, and produce bacteria rapidly

The Sex Toy with the Biggest Bang for Your Buck?
The sex doll torso comes highly recommended by many, as it gives you all of the perks of a full-size sex doll at a fraction of the price, yet in a smaller size, easier to hide, maintain, and clean.

It has a real-feel touch, and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, allowing you to customise your favourite features. It gives one even more pleasure than a male masturbator, and is nicer to look at and feel.

So, what is the best sex toy with the biggest bang for your buck? The sex doll torso, hands down.

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